Some common questions about the Cruiser Club.

What is the price of each yacht?

The base price of each yacht varies per model but it ranges from $800,000 to $1,175,000 but members pay only a fraction of the price for 5 years of use.

All yachts provided by the Cruiser Club come equipped with all the options and extras listed under “Menu/Yachts”.
In addition, the yachts are outfitted with a long list of extras to provide safety and comfort to our members. A complete list is available upon request.

What is the duration of the membership?

The term of the membership is five (5) years.

What does the monthly fee include?

The monthly fee includes scheduled cleaning & maintenance, insurance, home base dockage. Members are responsible for fuel, consumables, hiring a Captain, if needed or desired, and out of home base related expenses.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can. At the end of your each year of membership you can cancel by providing a 90-day notice to the Club. The Club will not be providing any refunds and there are no cancelation fees to pay.

Are the yachts new?

Yes, all of the yachts in the fleet are brand new. We are offering three models of yachts. The GT46 is an express cruiser 46′ in length, the MC4 is a Flybridge 45′ in length and the MC5 is a Flybridge 50′ in length that does have separate crew quarters.

All yachts have two diesel engines with IPS system and joystick control.

Who owns the yachts?


All the yachts belong to the Cruiser Club. These are not boats that have been purchased by an owner and then given to us for management or to be chartered.

Do I need to be an experienced boater to join the Club?

No, you do not. If you are not an experienced boater or not experienced in the size of yachts in our fleet, you would need to hire a Club-vetted Captain when using the yacht.

You can use your first year as a Club member to familiarize yourself with captaining the yacht and gain the necessary experience for our insurance carrier to allow you to captain the boat.

Do the yachts come fully equipped?

The yachts come outfitted with a long list of items including spare parts, tools, safety devices, dinnerware, and basic cleaning supplies (paper towels, paper tissue, liquid soap, bathroom essentials etc.). Provisioning, if requested, is available at an additional cost.

What are the benefits of being a Founding member?

We are now accepting applications for Founding members. The first 21 members will be the Founding members of the Club and everyone that joins after that will be a Regular member.

The Founding Members enjoy extra benefits like special introductory pricing and the ability to join the Board of Directors. More information is available by contacting us.

How is time scheduled?

Each member is allocated 7 weeks of use. Every year, each member will schedule his weeks and/or days based on predetermined criteria that are contained in a document which forms part of your membership package. In a nutshell, we have four types of weeks. “Prime” referring to the 7 holiday weeks per year, “regular” referring to weeks other than “prime”, “exchange” referring to time that members of a boat based in one home base exchanging time on a boat based in another home base, “reserved” referring to the weeks and/or days the Cruiser Club reserves for maintenance and other purposes and finally “Ad-Hoc” days or weeks.

Is this a fractional ownership?


No, it is not. Members have the right to use a yacht, they don’t participate in the ownership of the yacht, therefore there are no liabilities or extra expenses.

Still have questions? Please send us a note!

For faster service use our dedicated e-mail address for membership enquiries: vip@cruiserclubold.com