A Cruiser Club Weekend
MIAMI, 6:50 AM

The sun is just waking up, seas are calm and there is a slight breeze in the air. A perfect day to start our Cruiser Club yachting vacation.

I have a gorgeous view of Biscayne Bay from the Flybridge helm, sipping my first cup of coffee. We arrived last night from New York to spend one of our 7 weeks on our yacht. The Cruiser Club had everything ready for our arrival. From fresh linens and towels to toiletries and our refrigerator being fully stocked with our order, they left no detail out. We spent the night on our yacht at the Dinner Key Marina, a great place in Coconut Grove.

The family is still sleeping, so I have time to check the weather one more time and plot our course on the Simrad chartplotter. First stop will be Bimini, just 46 nautical miles to the East of our position.

It’s now close to 9:00. Everyone had breakfast and is excited to start our journey. I do my checks in the engine room before I give the heads-up for our safety briefing. Yes, we have done it before but we always do another briefing everytime before we head out. Check, check, check. Our float plan has been filed, and we have all our necessary papers.

We are ready!

The engines are started and few minutes later with the help from a deckhand we cast off.
ETA Bimini 11:40 AM as indicated on the chartplotter.